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Off-Grid Refrigeration

Patent Pending Controls for Off-Grid Operation

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Off-Grid Refrigeration


In a day you could have sustainable cold storage where you need it.


Harnessing solar power offers the advantage of generating clean, renewable energy.


Keep food fresh for up to two months without reliance on electricity.

We envisioned a revolutionary way to store perishable goods, ensuring freshness and off-grid flexibility.

The future of grid independent

Portable Cold Storage.

  • Case Study

    Abound Food Care

    To support Abound Food Care’s emergency preparedness, this freezer unit provides storage of frozen meals using food recovered from local kitchens and restaurants.

    The meals are redistributed to food pantries after 8 months of storage if not used for emergency food assistance.

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    30 ft. off-grid freezer deploy in San Clemente, CA

  • Case Study

    Frontline Farms

    Adjacent to a 3 acre urban farm collective , This unit provides cold storage for a 3-acre farmers collective and is located to allow for freshly harvested products to be in cold storage within minutes of harvesting.

    The unit also serves as cold storage to facilitate the distribution of its da community supported agriculture (CSA) food boxes.

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    30 ft. off-grid freezer deploy in Arvada, CO

  • Case Study

    East Denver Food Hub

    As part of a local food hub operations, this unit is located adjacent to the hub’s cold storage warehouse to facilitate after hours deliveries and will calls.

    This allows the hub to maintain security of their warehouse, reduce labor costs and provides flexibility to their partners for product exchange.

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    30 ft. off-grid freezer deploy in East Denver, CO

Solar Powered Fridge/Freezer

Ordering Process


One Day to One Week

Initial Inquiry

Client provides information about the objective i.e., project, location, requirements, limitations, budget, etc.


Two to Three Weeks


Radiant conducts a site visit and further defines need re: permitting, site prep, workflow considerations, etc.


One to Three Weeks


Radiant provides design recommendations.


Four Months


Client places an order, signs a purchase agreement and pays down payment. Production process commences.


One Week


Radiant delivers the product and ensures start up performance


Up to Twelve Months


Radiant provides remote performance monitoring.

Cold Storage


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