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Grid Independence

Off-grid, solar-powered refrigeration enables localized cold-storage at the sites of production and distribution.

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Off-Grid Cold-Storage

Rapid Deployment

Off-Grid Refrigeration

for cold storage exactly when and where it is needed

  • Arvada, CO

    Stationed north of Denver to aid with food resiliency.

  • East Denver, CO

    Supporting local food producers, small farms, food pantries, restaurants, retail stores, schools, museums, and more!

  • San Clemente, CA

    Supporting emergency preparedness for Abound Food Care.

Fully Functional

within a few hours of delivery.

  • Case Study

    Abound Food Care

    To support Abound Food Care’s emergency preparedness, this freezer unit provides storage of frozen meals using food recovered from local kitchens and restaurants.

    The meals are redistributed to food pantries after 8 months of storage if not used for emergency food assistance.

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    30 ft. off-grid freezer deploy in San Clemente, CA

  • Case Study

    Frontline Farms

    Adjacent to a 3-acre urban farm collective, this unit provides cold storage for the farmers and is located to allow freshly harvested products to be stored within minutes of harvesting.

    The unit also serves as cold storage to facilitate the distribution of its community-supported agriculture (CSA) food boxes.

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    20 ft. off-grid refrigerator deploy in Arvada, CO

  • Case Study

    East Denver Food Hub

    As part of a local food hub operations, this unit is located adjacent to the hub’s cold storage warehouse to facilitate after hours deliveries and will calls.

    This allows the hub to maintain security of their warehouse, reduce labor costs and provides flexibility to their partners for product exchange.

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    20 ft. off-grid refrigerator deploy in East Denver, CO


Refrigerators / Freezers

Remote Monitoring

With remote monitoring you’re in charge, no matter where you are. Check temperature, receive alerts, and ensure your goods are safe.

Rapidly deployable

Designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions, our refrigerator is a fortress against nature’s fury. Any weather, your goods remain safe and fresh.

User-Friendly Controls

Our refrigerators are equipped with user-friendly controls, making it simple for users to adjust settings, monitor temperatures, and maximize efficiency with ease.

Grid Independence

Our off-grid refrigeration system guarantees access to cooling, even in remote locations. Say goodbye to traditional power dependence.

Frequently Asked


Delivery typically takes between 6 to 8 weeks from the order date. This can vary depending on the specific requirements and location of the installation. Our team works diligently to ensure your solar-powered cold storage is up and running as swiftly as possible.

Absolutely, we offer comprehensive support after purchase. This includes remote monitoring of the unit, customer service assistance for any queries, and a dedicated team for maintenance and technical support to ensure your system operates efficiently.

Yes, we do offer financing options to make the acquisition of our solar-powered refrigeration systems more accessible. We understand that upfront costs can be challenging, so we provide various financing plans to suit your budget and cash flow.

Our systems are designed to be as maintenance-free as possible, but we do provide software updates when necessary to enhance functionality and performance. These updates are made available remotely, ensuring your system is always running on the latest technology without any inconvenience.